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ESOS Compliance

Enercert provides ESOS compliance trading as 'Freelance ESOS'. 

Save by engaging your Lead Assessor directly rather than using branded consultancies.

Please transfer to the 


website for further information.  

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Commercial EPC

13 Years and over 2000 lodgements give Enercert huge experience and authority in commercial Energy Performance Certificates.

'Consultancy' grade EPC assessments

at  a normal competitive fee.  

Worcester-based for 

West Midlands and national coverage.


Air-Con Inspection - TM44

A legal requirement for buildings with over 12kW of installed cooling, and covering a great deal more than an A-C contractor's annual service

This legally specified inspection is an in-depth survey of cooling & ventilation designed to examine and improve energy performance of

air-con and air-handling.


MEES Compliance

New or renewed commercial leases now require an EPC rating of 'E' or better.  'Historic' buildings are

no-longer exempt from EPC requirements.

Premises rated 'F' or 'G' require re-assessment, and if remaining below Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards, Enercert offers

immediate and practical advice on

rating improvement 

We are also pleased to help with any general enquiry.

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